Polaris, also known as the North Star, appears stationary in the sky. It is the only star whose position relative to a rotating Earth never changes, and it marks the location of the sky’s north pole, the point around which everything else revolves. That’s why travellers have always used Polaris for orientation. It has guided them to their destinations for thousands of years.

We at via polaris are your North Star. We navigate you reliably through a complex world where communication takes place on many levels and through different channels. We provide you with communication, PR, event and artist services, and our ultimate destination is to guide you to yours – by reaching out to your target group through top class campaigns and events. We specialise in marketing performing artists, writers and musicians and in producing culture events.

We’re bound where you are. We walk with you wherever your journey takes you. Our motto: Communication that takes you where you want to go.

  • Franziska Kast
    Franziska Kast
    Franziska Kast is an author, editor, PR and event manager based in Berlin, Germany. She acquired her cross-cultural communication skills while working abroad, in international teams and with clients from all over the world ever since 2006. Her varied interests and experiences from different industries and businesses qualify her to develop communication strategies and classical PR as well as online and social media campaigns to suit a lot of different needs, but her biggest passion are music, events and working with and for performing artists. 
    Her educational background are an MA degree in English and American Culture plus a Graphic Design (DTP/Print) certificate. She is fluent in German, English and Swedish, understands French and Norwegian, is the author of a Swedish course for self-learners and has worked as a language tutor in adult education for many years. 
    Franziska also co-founded and co-owns Irish Culture Events – Germany’s first full service agency specializing in Irish/Celtic arts and entertainment – together with business partner, collaborator and friend Danny O’Connor. When she’s not working, her activities are very often music related: she is a passionate concertgoer, an amateur fiddler and a frequent participant in sessions and music camps all over Europe.


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The magic wall from before which every previous explorer had to turn back in despair, had fallen into fragments at the first determined effort to break through it.
(Hugh Robert Mill, Scottish geographer, on James Clark Ross’ venture behind the “ice barrier”)

With all the information we have to process each day, creating attention for your event, your record or your book has become challenging. You will need to stick out, and sometimes you will have to explore new paths or overcome barriers.

While we use traditional PR strategies such as writing press releases, establishing and maintaining media contacts, organising live and online PR events or finding media partners for you, we always think outside the box, and we love bringing people together. We’re experienced networkers with 13 years of experience doing successful PR work for artists, culture festivals, museums, scientific institutions and small to medium size businesses.


It is a unique sensation to sight land which no human eye has seen before.
(Sir Ernest Shackleton, Anglo-Irish polar explorer)

Your audience should experience the same kind of unique notion once they encounter your work. Before we “talk” to them – whether through writing, imagery, videos or graphics – we listen to you first. You set the goal – we come in when it comes to providing you with directions.

In close cooperation with you, we develop print and online campaigns, write copy, do interviews, or develop website and social media content designed to make sure you get heard. You’re getting flooded by e-mails and social media messages? We’re happy to run communication with your audience on all channels. We do what we do so you get time to do what you do.

Event Management

Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.
(Thomas Edison, American Inventor)

A good event is what happens when a good idea meets with taking opportunities and planning meticulously. On the day of a festival, a concert, a record release, a reading or book presentation, a reception or conference, you want things to be perfect and run smoothly. Leave it to us! A successful event is neither good fortune nor coincidence, it’s the result of planning and professional work.

You have an idea, but no time? We develop solutions to suit your budget, find and book venues, artists, third party services such as sound gear or conference equipment and take care of the event marketing.

For references and more details, please also refer to Irish Culture Events.

Artist Services

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer, poet, journalist, and pioneering aviator)

Getting your music, writing or any other form of creative work out there takes more than your ideas, talent and hard work. Not only will you have to excel at your craft, you will also need a strong will, lots of optimism and perseverence and a good team of partners around you.

We are there to be one of them. We have worked extensively with performing artists from all over Europe for the last five years and understand the need of creatives to focus on their craft and delegate marketing and administrative work. When it comes to “making it” in the arts, branding is as important as publishing and touring is. Depending on your needs and wishes, we’ll take care of your brand, but also of your bookings and schedules. We’ll organize showcase events, photo- and video shootings, negotiate with event organizers, take care of the administrative work such as contracts and invoicing, organize transportation and accommodation or get you in touch with producers, session musicians and other professionals. If you’re from abroad, we’ll also navigate you through your KSK application and various other pitfalls of German bureaucracy.

For references and more details, please also refer to Irish Culture Events.



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